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Node JS Training in Chandigarh

This course deals with all things server-side. We base the entire course around the NodeJS platform. We start with a brief overview of the Web protocols: HTTP and HTTPS. We examine NodeJS and NodeJS modules: Express for building web servers. On the database side, we review basic CRUD operations, NoSQL databases, in particular MongoDB and Mongoose for accessing MongoDB from NodeJS. We examine the REST concepts and building a RESTful API. We touch upon authentication and security. Finally we review backend as a service (BaaS) approaches, including mobile BaaS, both open-source and commercial BaaS services.

Course Detail

Duration: 6 Months Version: Latest
Regular: 2 Hours per day WeekEnds: 2 - 3 Hours per day
Weekdays: Monday - Friday Weekend: : Saturday and Sunday
Online Training: Not Available

Introduction to Node.js and NPM

  • Node.js and NPM
  • Setting up Node.js and NPM
  • Introduction to Node.js and NPM

Node Modules

  • Node Modules
  • Understanding Node Modules
  • Callbacks and Error Handling

Node and HTTP

  • Node and the HTTP Module

Introduction to Express

  • Introduction to Express
  • Introduction to Express and setting up express server
  • Brief Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Express Router

Handling Data with Node

  • Connecting with mySQL
  • Querying with the databases
  • Sending results with JSON

Basic Authentication

  • Basic Authentication with oAuth
  • Cookies, Tea and err ... Express Sessions
  • Cookies, Tea and err ... Express Sessions Using Cookies

Server-side Development with NodeJS

  • Introduction & Setup
  • Javascript Engine
  • Node Core
  • Module , Export & Require
  • Events & Event Remitter
  • NPM - Node Package Manager

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