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Java/J2EE Training in Chandigarh

Java is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. It is designed for distributed environment of internet. Java can be used to create applications that run on single computer and client is a network. It was designed of the C++ language, but it is simpler to use than C++ and an object-oriented programming model. Advanced java is specialization in domain, networking, web and data base handling. 9i Technologies brings expert knowledge and experience packaged together for designing the course content suiting the current industry needs. Our training program will gives you in-depth knowledge and the necessary flip between the College Study and Industry Requirements.

Why Industrial Training in Java

The Java language provides you the option to select a No. of Career Options once you are through the Java Core Course :

a. Learn Advance Java and develop Online Web Applications using JSP,Servlets,Struts and Hibernate.
b. Develop Android Applications using Java.
c. Learning Big Data / Hadoop which is written in Java d. Programming for Cloud using Google App Engine

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Course Detail

Duration: 6 Months / 6 Weeks Version: 7 with Updates of Java 8
Regular: 2 Hours per day WeekEnds: 2 - 3 Hours per day
Weekdays: Monday - Friday Weekend: : Saturday and Sunday
Online Training: Available

Basic of Java language

  • Classes & Objects
  • Encapsulation & Abstraction
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Inner Classes & Interfaces
  • Java Exception Handling
  • Java Utility Classes

Generics & Annotations

  • Introduction to Generics
  • Type Erasure
  • Generic Methods
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Generics
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming and Java
  • Annotation Types and Annotations
  • Built-In Annotations

Java I/O ( File Handling) & Reflection API

  • Byte & Character Streams
  • File Class
  • Using Console Input
  • Reading & Writing from Files and Buffers
  • Serialization
  • The Class Class
  • The java.lang.reflect Package

Applet & Swing Programming

  • Applet LifeCycle
  • Applet LayoutManagers
  • Painting on the Applet
  • Event Handling
  • Swing Programming basics
  • JTabbed pane, JTable, JInternalFrame & other Latest Swing Components

Socket Programming & RMI

  • UNetwork Protocols
  • The Socket Class
  • The ServerSocket Class
  • Connecting Through URL Objects
  • HTTP and Other TCP Servers
  • Datagram Clients and Servers
  • UDeveloping Connection with RMI
  • RMI Internals

JDBC & Advance JDBC

  • Using ODBC & JDBC Drivers
  • Making a Connection
  • Creating and Executing a Statement
  • Retrieving Values from a ResultSet
  • Handling SQL Exceptions and Proper Cleanup
  • SQL Escape Syntax
  • Using Prepared Statements
  • Scrollable Result Sets
  • Updatable Result Sets
  • Transactions
  • Commits, Rollbacks, and Savepoints
  • Batch Processing
  • Using CachedRowSets

Java EE Basics

  • Servlet LifeCycle & API
  • Developing Servlets with Eclipse & Tomcat
  • Structure Web App with MVC pattern
  • JSP Basics and Scriptlets

Advance JSP

  • Working with Sessions & Cookies
  • JSP Tags & Java Beans
  • JSP Expression Language
  • JSP Standard tag Library ( JSTL)
  • Using mySQL as DBMS
  • Using JDBC with mySQL

Professional Java EE

  • Javamail to send Mail
  • Use SSL to work with Secure Connections
  • Restricting Access to Resources
  • Working with HTTP Requests & Responses
  • Working with Listeners & Filters
  • Sending SMS from Web Apps
  • Importing Excel Data into JSP
  • Introduction to Struts2

Java 8 Additions

  • Introduction to Lambda Expressions in Java 8
  • Java 8 Stream API and Collectors
  • Java 8 Date and Time API
  • Strings, IO, and Other Bits and Pieces


  • Online Project
  • Web Hosting
  • FTP
Basics of Programming . Knowledge of C/C++ an Asset.
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