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Angular JS Course in Chandigarh

Want to start implementing some of the more advanced features of Angular, but looking for help to get you started? In this advanced angularJS course, you'll learn how to implement a web framework as you work your way through a series of tutorial-style labs that make learning easy. This course is best suited for those wanting to build upon a basic understanding of Angular, and who have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript training or knowledge.

Course Detail

Duration: 6 Months Version: Latest
Regular: 2 Hours per day WeekEnds: 2 - 3 Hours per day
Weekdays: Monday - Friday Weekend: : Saturday and Sunday
Online Training: Not Available

AngularJS core concepts

  • 2 way data binding
  • Angular Modules

Controller, Scopes and Views

  • Controllers, scope and rootScope
  • scope communication
  • dependency Injection

Services and Factories

  • Introduction to Services
  • Built-in Services( $http, $q, $location, $log )
  • Creating custom services
  • Demo of built-in services and creating custom services


  • Purpose of filters
  • Built-in filters (currency, date, lowercase, uppercase, number, filter )
  • Creating custom filters
  • Demo of built-in filters and creating custom filters

Forms and Form Validation

  • ngModel directive
  • Built-in validation (required, pattern, minlength, maxlength, min, max )
  • Presenting validation errors using css classes
  • Custom validation
  • Demo of forms and form validations


  • Introduction
  • Directive name matching
  • Creating custom directives
  • Restricting Directive Usage
  • Template expanding directive
  • compile and link functions
  • Isolate Scope
  • DOM interactions
  • Demo of built-in directives and custom directives


  • Routing in Single Page Applications
  • ngRoute Module and ngView Directive
  • Route Registration with $routeProvider
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